China's Difficult Adjustment

Michael Pettis
Professor, Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management
Kevin Lai (moderator)
Chief Economist for Asia ex-Japan, Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong

Towards a New Japanese Golden Age - The Bull-Case For Japan
In Spite Of Global Uncertainty

Jesper Koll
CEO, WisdomTree Japan
Former Managing Director of Research and Chief Strategist
at JP Morgan

Greece, Germany and the future of the eurozone

Peter Spiegel
Brussels Bureau Chief, Financial Times

Zero forever? Implications for global economies and markets

Phillip Apel
Head of Fixed Income, Henderson Global Investorsb
David Riley
Head of Credit Strategy, BlueBay
Michael Moran
Chief Economist, Daiwa Capital Markets America
Chris Scicluna
Head of Economic Research, Daiwa Capital Markets Europe
Grant Lewis (moderator)
Head of Research, Daiwa Capital Markets Europe